• What is Effective Communication?

    Effective communication is a communication in which the receiver clearly understands the message that the spender intended to send. Effective communication encompasses attentive listening, non-verbal communication, stress management and emotional awareness.

    To be able to express yourself clearly and get a message across as intended will help you achieve success in life, work and relationships, as it will help other people understand your intentions and goals, and thus improve teamwork, decision making and problem solving. Below are some tips on how to communicate effectively.

  • How to communicate effectively
    • build your vocabulary
    • know when and where to start a discussion
    • understand what you want to communicate and the listener(s) or reader(s)
    • observe your listener(s) or audience carefully and be friendly and positive
    • maintain your confidence and stay calm and focused while talking or writing
    • express your ideas clearly and effectively
    • project your voice when speaking to a large audience
    • use facial expressions when speaking to convey emotions
    • use hand gestures carefully when speaking to avoid distracting your listener(s) or audience
    • make eye contact with your listener(s) or audience
    • listen to yourself while you speak to know what people hear
    • don’t interrupt people while they speak, listen and wait for them to finish
    • be open-minded, see things from other people’s point of view and be aware of their emotions

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