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Careersome.com exist to help young Nigerians make smart, well-informed decisions about their career and enter into the labour market.

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We use the data we gathered from job listings, university websites, discussions with career experts and other sources, which we have appropriately referenced, to provide you with clear and accurate information about different professionals so that you can know what they do, where they work, their working conditions, what qualities are required from them, etc.

Career Path Test

Our free career path test assesses your interests, abilities and attributes to help you determine the best career path for you.

Skills and Attributes

The Skills and Attributes section of the website provides brief and basic descriptions of some of the most common skills and attributes that employers may require from you. It also provides tips on how to build or develop them.

Job Listings

On our job and internship board, you will find the latest entry level job and internships/industrial training jobs in Nigeria.

The Careersome Blog

We use the careersome blog to provide you with useful and unique articles that will help grow professionally.

Counseling and Consultation Services

Career choice counseling, cover letter and resume writing services, interview coaching are some of the services we offer our clients.