• What is Critical Thinking?

    Critical thinking is the act of thinking clearly and rationally to make a sound judgment. It involves inquiring to gather relevant information on a subject and thinking through and evaluating the information gathered to make an informed decision or judgment.

    It’s important that you learn how to think critically, as being able to do that will help you understand issues and situations better, make well informed decisions and solve complex problems effectively. Below are some tips on how to think critically.

  • How to Think Critically
    • be skeptical, don’t just accept an information or issue to be true
    • be patient, avoid making quick decisions or judgments
    • be curious and inquiring, ask questions, get more information and look for evidence
    • be analytical and rational, breakdown the issue into parts, if possible and necessary, and identify the arguments and think through them
    • be open-minded and objective, view the arguments from multiple perspectives
    • be decisive, reach a logical conclusion and make your decision or judgment

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