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Ship Captain Job Description

A ship captain is someone who commands the crew and operations of a ship to ensure the ship’s safety and success in carrying out its functions. Their job involves studying maps and charts to determine the best route to a destination, organizing and overseeing crew activities, supervising the maintenance of the ship and supervising the loading, unloading and storage of cargo.

A ship captain should be well organized, disciplined, responsible and adaptable, and have the ability to work at sea, lead and manage a crew, and make good decisions under pressure. They should be familiar with the roles of all crew members to assist and direct them in carrying out their responsibilities.

What does a Ship Captain do?

Ship captains may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Ship captains may travel onboard ships for up to 3 months at a stretch, and then take 3 months leave. They work at sea in all weather conditions.

What is Required to Become a Ship Captain?

To become a ship captain, you will need years of seafaring experience. You can apply for the position of a deck officer or third officer, and after some years rising through the ranks and gaining the necessary experience, you will be qualified to become a ship captain. To qualify for the position of a deck officer or third officer, you'll need to pass medical and personality tests.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Ship captains need to have:


Alternative Careers

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