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Flight Attendant Job Description

A flight attendant is someone whose job is to help passengers on board an aircraft and ensure their safety and comfort. Their job involves greeting passengers as they board the plane and thanking them as they exit, helping them stow their luggage in the overhead bins, and explaining and demonstrating safety procedures and equipment to them.

A flight attendant should be quick, safety-conscious, confident, polite, friendly, smiley and helpful, and have the ability to relate to people from a range of background and cultures. They should be able to read passengers and situations and stay calm during difficult situations. They should also be reasonably fit and healthy to cope with the demands of flying.

What does a Flight Attendant do?

Flight attendants may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Flight attendants may work irregular hours including early mornings, late nights, weekends and holidays. Their job will require them to travel on a constant basis and sometimes be away from home for a period of time. Their job will also require them to work in confined spaces and in noisy environments

What is Required to Become a Flight Attendant?

To be employed as a flight attendant, you will need to have at least a certificate of secondary education. However, employers will prefer to hire candidates with post secondary school training in a customer service related discipline. New recruits usually undergo a 4-6 weeks training program.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Flight attendants need to have:


Alternative Careers

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