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Game Programmer Job Description

A game programmer is a person who writes the computer program needed to create a game and make it functional. Game programmers works collaboratively with game designers, game artists and others involved in a game development process to create game applications for computers, gaming consoles and cell phones.

A game programmer should be well organized, enthusiastic, curious, patient, analytical and detail-oriented, and have the ability to sit at a computer and write programs for long periods of time. They should be fluent in several programming languages and able to self-study to teach themselves new programming skills and stay updated on new technologies.

Pursue a career in game programming, if you have interest in computer games, especially how they function. You should be good at math, physics, and computer programming, and must possess analytical and problem solving skills.

What does a Game Programmer do?

Game programmers may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Game programmers spend much of their time in front of a computer writing codes, and their job can be stressful due to the technicality involved. Their working hours may be flexible but involves long hours especially around deadlines. They work in offices and in game studios.

What is Required to Become a Game Programmer?

To become a game programmer, you will need to have strong programming skills. Having a diploma or degree in software development, programming or computer science is helpful. Some game programmers start out as game testers and after a while, they advance to become game programmers.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Game programmers need to have:


Alternative Careers

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