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News Editor Job Description

A news editor is someone who supervises over the content of a newspaper or news broadcast. Their job involves following local or global issues of relevance to their station or program output, supervising and overseeing journalists, and reviewing news stories to proof-read, rewrite and fact-check them and to decide which stories to publish or broadcast.

A news editor should be enquiring, judicious, imaginative, detail –oriented, and decisive, and have the ability to work calmly under pressure, react quickly and meet tight deadlines. They should have strong interest in current events, and strong news reporting, editing and social media skills.

What does a News Editor do?

News editors may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

News editors may work irregular hours including evenings, weekends and holidays. They may also work as freelance news editors for various news stations.

News editors work in offices and news rooms, but may travel to attend relevant events, fairs or conferences. They may work in conditions that are stressful due to deadlines.

What is Required to Become a News Editor?

Many news editors have worked as news reporters and gained enough experience to know what’s newsworthy, which is required to advance into the position.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

News editors need to have:


Alternative Careers

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