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Hotel Room Attendant Job Description

A hotel room attendant also known as hotel maid, guest room attendant or housekeeper is a person who is employed by a hotel to manage hotel rooms and ensure their cleanliness and good order. They perform tasks such as cleaning hotel rooms, changing dirty bed sheets and pillows, removing and sanitizing trash bins, and checking for technical defects in hotel rooms.

A hotel room attendant should be polite, friendly, diligent, flexible, trustworthy and helpful, and have the ability to carefully follow instructions. They should be able to stand or bend for long periods and work with their hands to manipulate, lift and carry heavy objects.

What does a Hotel Room Attendant do?

Hotel room attendants may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Hotel room attendants may work normal business hours or shifts that include evenings and weekends, or be on call. Their job involves cleaning and arranging hotel rooms which can sometimes be very dirty and messed up. They may need to wear uniforms and put on protective gloves to do their job.

What is Required to Become a Hotel Room Attendant?

Hotel room attendant is an entry level job in the hospitality industry, and there is no formal educational requirements for becoming one. Skills are learnt on the job.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Hotel room attendants need to have:


Alternative Careers

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