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Chef Job Description

A chef is a person whose job is to prepare and cook food. Chefs are responsible for planning and organizing the preparation and cooking of food in food establishments such as restaurants.

A chef should be well organized, enthusiastic, creative and careful, and have the ability to think and act quickly. They should be passionate about cooking and learning new cooking methods and techniques. They should also be able to cope with several tasks at once and stay calm under pressure.

Pursue a career as a chef if you are very creative and have strong passion for food and cooking. You should be someone who can cook and who enjoys the whole process of cooking.

What does a Chef do?

Chefs may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Chefs may work long or irregular hours including early mornings, evenings, weekends, and public holidays. They work in restaurants, private households, and in other food service establishments. They may stand, sit or walk for long periods and work in conditions that are hot or noisy.

What is Required to Become a Chef?

To become a chef, you will need to obtain a degree or diploma in culinary arts, professional cookery or a similar discipline, or complete an apprenticeship with a skilled chef.

The career path for a chef is:

Commis chef --> Chef de partie --> Sous chef --> Head chef --> Executive chef

Having a formal education will get you to the top faster.


Just to give you an idea, some of the classes that you’ll be taking in college to obtain a culinary arts degree may include:

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Chefs need to have:


Alternative Careers

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