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Psychologist Job Description

A psychologist is a person who studies human mind and behavior, and who is licensed to provide therapeutic services. Their job involves administering psychological tests to people to diagnose problems in their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and applying a variety of psychotherapies to manage and overcome the problems.

A psychologist should be honest, patient, careful, easy-going, empathetic, observant and methodical, and have the ability to inspire trust and confidence in people. They should know how normal people think, understand, reason and behave to identify abnormalities in people.

Famous psychologists include Sigmund Freud (Father of psychoanalysis), William James (The Principles of Psychology), Albert Bandura (Social learning theory), Carl Rogers (The Person-centered approach), Ivan Pavlov (Classical conditioning) and Lev Vygotsky (Zone of proximal development).

Pursue a career in psychology if you are a non-judgmental and understanding person who cares for the well being of others. You should be interested in the human mind and mental states.

What does a Psychologist do?

Psychologists may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Psychologists usually work normal office hours, but may sometimes work evenings and weekends or be on-call. Their work is usually office based, but they may travel to meet with clients.

What is Required to Become a Psychologist?

To become a psychologist, you will need a master's or doctoral degree in psychology. Psychologists must be certified or licensed to practice.


Just to give you an idea, some of the classes that you’ll be taking in college may include:


A psychologist may specialize to become any of the following:

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Psychologists need to have:


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