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Primary School Teacher Job Description

A Primary School Teacher is a person whose profession is to teach and educate children who are usually between the ages of 4 and 11. They may teach one or more subjects to students. Their work involves preparing and delivering lessons, organizing children and maintaining discipline in classrooms, and setting and marking assignments and tests.

A primary school teacher should be responsible, organized, imaginative, enthusiastic, friendly and caring, and the ability to analyze, explain and demonstrate things effectively to children. They should also be patient and supportive in dealing with children with learning disabilities and challenging behaviors.

Pursue a career as a primary school teacher if you are passionate about teaching and interested in working with children. You should be a responsible person who can lead and manage people, especially children.

What does a Primary School Teacher do?

Primary school teachers may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Primary school teachers usually work a minimum of 5.5 hours every day from Monday to Friday. They work in classrooms, offices, libraries, children playgrounds, and sport fields. They may travel to accompany students on excursions, sporting activities and other social and educational activities.

What is Required to Become a Primary School Teacher?

To become a primary school teacher, you will need a bachelor of education degree. Other routes may also be possible. Primary school teachers may be required to be registered to practice.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Primary school teachers need to have:


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