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Importer/Exporter Job Description

An importer is a person who brings in goods from abroad, while an exporter is a person who sends goods abroad. Importers and exporters plan, organize and manage the sales and movement of goods from one country to another.

Importers and exporters should be ambitious, enterprising, resourceful and adaptable, and have the ability to identify good business prospects and conduct research to analyze markets and know whether a demand for their products exists. Before importing products from abroad, importers should investigate the reputation of the manufacturers and the reliability of their products.

What does an Importer/Exporter do?

Importers and Exporters may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Importers/exporters may work normal business hours or irregular hours when communicating with clients abroad. They work in offices, but may spend time in warehouses, stores and factories. They may travel abroad to visit companies and source products, or to attend conferences or trade fairs.

What is Required to Become an Importer/Exporter?

There are no educational requirements to become an importer/exporter, but prior knowledge of logistics, commerce and business administration is helpful.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Importers and Exporters need to have:


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