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Surveyor Job Description

A surveyor is someone whose job is to measure and determine boundary lines. Surveyors apply the principles of geometry and trigonometry to determine and delineate the form, extent, and position of features on or beneath the surface of the earth. Their findings guide the works of engineers, architects, urban and regional planners, geologists, etc.

A surveyor should be methodical, precise and dependable, and good at geography, physics and mathematics, especially geometry and trigonometry. They should have good understanding of geographic information systems (GIS).

What does a Surveyor do?

Surveyors may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Surveyors work normal office hours, but may be required to work otherwise especially when doing fieldworks. They work indoors in offices and outdoors in the field. They may travel to survey areas and be away from home for a period of time and work in all weather conditions and in rough or slanted grounds.

What is Required to Become a Surveyor?

To become a surveyor, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in surveying or a similar discipline. Surveyors do require licensing to practice.


A surveyor may specialize to become any of the following:

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Surveyors need to have:


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