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Construction Laborer Job Description

A construction laborer is a person who applies their physical strength and stamina to help accomplish the implementation of the design of a construction project. Construction laborers work with lumbers, bricks, asphalts, stones, concretes or other building materials, and carry out a range of practical and manual activities to turn an architect's idea into reality.

A construction laborer should be observant, adaptable, careful, safety-conscious, and able to follow instructions. They should be hardworking, physically fit and strong to cope with the physical demands of their job. They should have experience in using hand and power tools, construction machines and equipment.

What does a Construction Laborer do?

Construction laborers may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Construction laborers may work long irregular hours, depending on the schedule of the construction project they are working on. They spend much of their time working outside in all weather conditions in construction or demolition sites.

Constructions workers may also work in conditions that are noisy, dirty and dangerous. They may be required to wear protective clothing such as boots, goggles, hard-hats and earmuffs when working. They may travel to construction or demolition sites and be away from home for an extended period of time.

What is Required to Become a Construction Laborer?

There are no educational requirements to become a construction laborer, as all you will need is physical strength and stamina. Construction laborers receive on-the-job training.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Construction laborers need to have:


Alternative Careers

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