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Body Artist Job Description

A body artist is a person who decorates and modifies the body by means of tattooing or body piercing. Tattooing involves insertion of dyes beneath the skin to form a permanent picture or design on the skin, while body piercing involves puncturing the skin to display jewelry.

A body artist should have self-confidence, creativity, focus, manual dexterity, and good physical and mental stamina. They should be able to make their clients feel relaxed and stay comfortable, and endure seeing them bleeding and experiencing physical pains.

What does a Body artist do?

Body artists may do some or all of the following:

Working Conditions

Body artists usually work normal business hours, but may also work evenings and weekends. They work indoors in body art studios.

Body artists wear latex gloves to protect themselves and their clients from infections. Their job may be stressful due to the discomfort their clients may be experiencing while they are working and the high level of concentration needed to draw tattoos or pierce the body.

What is Required to Become a Body artist?

There are no formal educational requirements to become a body artist, as skills are learned on the job. Potential body artists should sign up for an apprenticeship program with a skilled and professional body artist. An apprenticeship program may last for up to 3 years. Many body artists are self employed. Some cities require body artists to be licensed to practice.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Body artists need to have:


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